The Summit Agenda is designed to enable Content Owners, Broadcasters & Brands to come together and share the best collective strategies and insights to capitalize on the sports performance and commercial potential within Immersive Technology.
The content is broken down between each group but with natural overlaps.
How Immersive Technologies Are Revolutionizing Commercialization Strategy, Elite Sports Performance, Fan Engagement & Audience Reach For Sports Content Owners And Broadcasters

How Immersive Technologies Are Revolutionizing Commercialization Strategy, Elite Sports Performance, Fan Engagement & Audience Reach For Sports Content Owners And Broadcasters

08.00 Registration, Tea & Coffee

09.00 Opening Remarks & Welcome To The Summit

Luke James,  Founder, Sports Innovation Network

Whilst the majority of content owners are interested in exploring VR, a lack of tried and tested use cases of how it could be used in practice and monetized has provided a conceptual hurdle to getting started. It is the responsibility of VR providers to demonstrate to sports content owners what is possible and most relevant for their business and performance goals. Equally, it is critically important for content owners to collaborate, share best practice and devise collective strategies.

09.15 Monetization Strategies: How Immersive Technology Can Diversify Income Streams And Develop New Ways To Work With Sponsors And Merchandisers
• What monetization models are content owners testing today? (Live Streaming / Subscription / Partnership...)
• Why we should think of Virtual Reality assets in the same way we would a website or social media channel
• Are Live Events still the focal point of monetization strategy? What innovations are taking place?

09.45 Question & Answer Session

Panel Moderator
David Anderson Gains Group and former NFL player 

Sander Schouten, COO, Beyond Sports
Allan Cook, Managing Director Media & Entertainment, Deloitte
William Deng, Director Media Strategy & Business Development, NFL
Brian Killingsworth, Chief Marketing Officer, Vegas Golden Knights
Richard Oleff, Chief Marketing Office, Unofficial Cardboard

09.55 "Show Me The Money!" How Custom Branded Cardboard Can Unlock The Consumer Market & Generate Revenue

Richard Oleff, Chief Marketing Officer, Unofficial Cardboard
David Nachbar, Chief Operating Officer, Unofficial Cardboard

10.15 Question & Answer Session

10.20 Morning Refreshments In The Networking Exhibition Area

10.50 How To Apply Immersive Tech To Build, Develop & Sustain Stronger Connections With Fans To Expand Reach In An Increasingly Globalised Sporting Market
• Innovative approaches to engage (and monetize) remote fans who can rarely attend a match/race/event
• How to create and build public interest and participation, particularly among the younger demographics to secure future fans and participants
• How athletes are using immersive technology as part of digital channels and social media to build their own brand and audience

11.20 Question & Answer Session

Meg Ryan, Senior Director Marketing Strategy, Atlanta Hawks & Philips Arena


11.30 Applying Data To Understand, Harness And Unlock The Fan Experience

Bijan Khezri, US Advisory Board Chairman, Sportradar

11.50 How To Use Big Data And The Internet Of Things To Create Unique Immersive Fan Experiences During Live Sports Events
• Identifying how to understand the type of experiences fans want and the most effective ways to create and execute them 
• Outlining how effective digital transformation and the ‘Internet of Things’ is essential for optimized VR Roll-Out
• How to realise huge commercial potential in both live and non live sporting scenarios through understanding individual fan experiences
• The importance of creating great content to use immersive technology as a storytelling device

12.10 Question & Answer Session

Aaron Lane, Director of Digital & New Media, Atlanta Hawks
Michael Downey, Director Sports Technology Engineering, Microsoft
Bijan Khezri, US Advisory Board Chairman, Sportradar


What Are The Current And Emerging Technologies: Is The Technology Capable Of Delivering Upon Content Demands And Requirements?

12.20 Using Augmented Reality as a Marketing Platform to “Commercialise the Hype” And Leave a Lasting Impression & Increased Fan Engagement with the Team And Sponsors

Jon Cheney, CEO/Founder, SEEK

12.30 Question & Answer Session

12.35 Monetizing The Fan Experience: Using Immersive Experiences Connect Fans To Team Sponsors

Morgan Drake, CEO & Co-Founder, FanBoard

12.45 Question & Answer Session

12.50 Lunch In The Networking Exhibition Area

13.50 How Simulated Physical Environments Provide Athletes With Unique Opportunities To Develop Critical Muscle Memory In High Pressure Sporting Situations
• Examining how immersive reality can create off-feet training programs to produce high performance athletes with greatly improved mental agility
• How athlete profiling can revolutionize talent identification, cross-sport potential and elite performance pathways
• How VR can drastically reduce the Return to Play process and improve time required to become ‘Game-Ready’

14.20 Question & Answer Session

Mounir Zok, Director of Technology & Innovation, US Olympic Committee

14.30 How Do We Connect Immersive Technologies To Shape The Future Of The Sports Landscape

Julie Hamilton Trost, AR/VR Content Partnerships, Google

14.55 Question & Answer Session

15.00 How Major Sporting Events Are Using Tech Innovation in the Bay Area

Rosie Spaulding has held leadership roles for two of the largest sporting events to come to northern California- Super Bowl 50 and the 34th America’s Cup and is now leading the way for USA Rugby ahead of the Rugby World Cup Sevens in July next year. In this piece she will focus on the great innovations around America's Cup and Super Bowl 50 / Super Bowl City and then look at the RWC Sevens and what they are looking to achieve from a technology perspective in bringing this global event to the US for the first time. 

Rosie Spaulding, General Manager, Rugby World Cup Sevens

15.25 Question & Answer Session

15.30 Afternoon Refreshments In The Networking Exhibition Area

After the fallout from 3D TV, many broadcasters remain sceptical about introducing new technology such as VR, particularly whilst the user headsets remain more bulky. Moreover, primary investment has been focused on introducing 4K and UHD with VR being approached through strategic investments or experimental projects.

16.00 How The PGA Tour Used Live VR & 360 Video To Create A Mass Reach And Younger Audience

Sloane Kelley, Senior Director of Content, PGA TOUR

PANEL DISCUSSION: Chaired by Mike Grushin, COO / Head of Solutions Architecture, Omnigon

16.20 Analyzing The Different VR Live Streaming Options To Determine The Scope For a Multiple-Use Approach Or If One Will Become Dominant And Win Out

• Analyzing the VR Live Stream options (Pure VR Video, Hybrid Video and Virtual Environment, Full Virtual Environment)
• Understanding how to match VR streaming option with sports where the technology can handle the action
• Outlining the risks of turning consumers off with sub-optimal experiences and how this could prevent full potential from ever being realised

16.50 Question & Answer Session

Scott Gutterman, Vice President Digital Operations, PGA TOUR
Rick Qualliotine, Vice President Emerging Production Platforms & Systems, NFL Media
Mike Downey, Director of Sports Technology, Microsoft
Nick Franza, Senior Manager, Technology Development, NASCAR

17.00 How FIFA Are Using Immersive Technology & The Latest Innovations To Improve Officiating, Performance And Fan Engagement

Johannes Holzmuller, Head of Football Technology & Innovation, FIFA


17.20 Can Virtual Reality Enhance The Live Sports Experience?
• Is it possible to replicate to social component of watching live sport when you’re in a VR headset?
• How will this programming sit alongside existing TV and digital content?
• How will it integrate and add to the other ancillary content around the live event e.g. commentary, stats, highlights etc.

17.50 Question & Answer Session

Jesse Nunez (Former) Director of Corporate Partnerships, Los Angeles Dodgers
Everett Jacobs, Vice President Regional Partnerships, Rugby World Cup Sevens
Daniel Brusilovsky, Digital Initiatives Lead, Golden State Warriors

17.55 Chair’s Closing Remarks

18.00 – 19.00 Drinks Reception
How Immersive Technologies Can Increase Profitability Across Traditional / Digital Broadcast Platforms And Increase Interactive Engagement And Exposure To Provide ROI For Brands

08.00 Registration, Tea & Coffee

09.00 Chair's Opening Remarks

09.10 KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Managing The Expectation: What Happens Next As We Move Beyond The Experimental Stage
• How VR within sports content and live events is the catalyst for traditional broadcasters to drive customer acquisition and monetisation across their entire portfolio
• Analyzing the commercial potential that a full slate of VR programming can offer
• Understanding how to get the acquisition channel and price point right to enable consumers to easily select a VR option

09.20 Question & Answer Session

Michael Davies, Senior Vice President Technical & Field Operations, FOX Sports
Mike Ruddell, Head of Technology, Sky Sports


09.30 Understanding How Virtual Reality In Sport Can Monetise Digital Platforms To Drive Advertising Spend And Develop Owned And Operated Content Packages

• How to use VR across social media and multi-channel networks to obtain the right mix of organically generated and platform / creator generated content
• Can VR within sports content and live events become the catalyst for traditional broadcasters to drive customer acquisition and monetisation across their entire portfolio?
• Understanding the technical infrastructure requirements and sports rights costs to deliver the content
• Analyzing how to establish varying prince points to monetise across a greater audience percentage and operate a profitable model

10.00 Question & Answer Session

Michael Davies, Senior Vice President Technical & Field Operations,FOX Sports
Tom Sahara, Vice President Operations & Technology, Turner Sports
Jon Fish, Director, ESP
Mike Ruddell, Head of Technology, Sky Sports

Moderator: Jeffrey Saunders, CEO, Beyond Sports

10.10 The Future of Broadcasting: Virtual Reality – A Fox Sports Case Study
Sander Schouten, COO, Beyond Sports
Nicolaas Westerof, CTO, Beyond Sports

10.30 Morning Refreshments In The Networking Exhibition Area

END TO END VR SOLUTIONS – Zeality in Association with Berkeley Research Group
11.00 Rational Innovation In The Sports Arena: A Playbook Approach To Winning The Future

The sports industry is caught in a catch-up mode when it comes to leveraging technology for attracting, engaging, retaining and growing its fanbase. 

It's high time now to leapfrog - but there is no silver bullet and experimentation is not only going to prove costly but time-consuming and it does not guarantee success. 

In this discussion, we will engage you in a rational innovative approach to building winnable 'Use Cases' and 'the Zeality platform' for rapid deployment, real-time validation from the fan base, and building a monetization playbook.

Dipak M. Patel, Co-Founder & CEO, Zeality
Arun Shukla, Managing Director, Berkeley Research Group LLC

11.30 Question & Answer Session

11.40 Introducing The World’s Most Advanced & Social Video Game Console: Your Arena

How to Drive Digital Engagement & Conversion Success to Connect Elite Sport & Leading Brands Using the RWW (Real World Web)
Alexander Hertel, CEO, Xperiel

12.10 Lunch In The Networking Exhibition Area

Brands and the agencies supporting them are continually exploring new ways to drive greater engagement with their customers. Capturing and maintaining the user’s attention in the multi-platform digital world is increasingly challenging. Ultimately brands have a product or service that they are looking to sell to consumers and engage in marketing activities to drive sales. Identifying proven mechanisms and tools to translate digital ad spend into sales or other core ROI metrics is critical.

13.10 How Virtual Reality Can Create Sports Focused Media Content And Engaging Product Placement Opportunities For Native Branded Experiences And Direct Merchandising
• Identifying how VR can increase opportunities for product placement and native branded experiences
• How VR can create branded rooms or ‘Fan Zones’ around live sporting events to combine relevant content with product placement
• Why VR will become a powerful sports marketing asset in its own right

13.40 Question & Answer Session

Matt O'Neil, CEO, Ichi GO & Consultant, Dallas Cowboys
James Giglio, CEO, MVP Interactive
Brian Killingsworth, Chief Marketing Officer, Vegas Golden Knights
Jeff Ridgeway, SVP Business Development, Zappar
Daniel Brusilovsky, Digital Initiatives Lead, Golden State Warriors

Moderator: Jonathan Lowe, SVP Business Strategy, AEG

13.50 How Analytics Provide Insights To How People Engage With Brands Within A Virtual Space To Drive Successful Sports Marketing Campaigns
• How to put the consumer first and create proactive experiential campaigns using direct interactivity through virtual reality
• Using virtual reality to capture and maintain user attention in an authentic, organic and lasting way
• Identifying proven mechanisms and metrics to translate digital and VR advertising spend into or sales or other core ROI

14.20 Question & Answer Session

Adam Heintz, Vice President Business Intelligence, Monumental Sports & Entertainment

14.30 Afternoon Refreshments In The Networking Exhibition Area

15.00 Innovative Approaches To Brand Engagement & Experiential Marketing Campaigns Around Live Sporting Events And How Immersive Technology Can Fit Into This
• How to create engaging and interactive campaigns that leave lasting impressions
• Who owns the content rights and what are the implications for leading brands?
• What other rights issues such be considered in virtual streams?

James Williams, Vice President Olympic Assets & Ex. Marketing, Coca-Cola

15.20 Question & Answer Session

15.30 How The BC Lions Used Virtual & Augmented Reality To Create An App That Enabled Key Partners To Showcase Their Brand To A Wider & More Youthful Audience

Tyler Wilson, Former Director Corporate Partnerships, BC Lions Football Club

15.50 How To Produce Strong Digital Sports Content Around Live Events That Doesn’t Die Within 24 Hours

Chris Baker, Senior Director Partnership Sales, Boston Celtics
Tyler Wilson, Former Director Corporate Partnerships, BC Lions Football Club
Katie Hoffman, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, Women Leaders in College Sports
Alex Hertel, CEO and Cofounder, Xperiel

16.20 Question & Answer Session

16.30 Chair’s Closing Remarks
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