Genetic Testing Changes The Landscape For Sports Nutrition

At Game Changer Sports we are constantly on the look out for the most innovative and creative solutions to improve performance and reduce injury. We were absolutely delighted to be introduced to former rugby player James Brown, now the CEO and Founder of DNActiv.


Nutrition is widely accepted as the fundamental building block in creating a highly successful elite athlete, but to a large extent there is limited knowledge on to create individual plans specific to the individual nuances of an elite, or potentially elite athlete.

This is precisely what James is changing – Through genetic testing DNActive are leading the way in sport nutrition through creating tailored plans for each individual athlete.

James will be presenting on this exact topic at the Rugby Innovation Summit at the Twickenham Stoop on 24/25th May, and we caught up him earlier this week.

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RIS Tell us more about what makes DNActiv unique and how it has been specifically designed to optimise performance and/or reduce injury.

JB DNActiv’s unique Genetic testing is the “Game Changer” in sports nutrition, it looks at improving an athletes overall health through 5 specific areas that are tailor made for that particular athletes genome. Those areas being, Inflammation, Cellular defence & Detox, Cardiovascular Health, Fat Metabolism & Cholesterol Regulation, Vitamin D Metabolism.

We look at the speeds that individual genes express themselves as well as how the combination of gene family’s affect overall health.

Creating a fitter, stronger and healthier athlete.

RIS Why is rugby such a key market for you?

JB Rugby is in my blood and been that way since the age of 6 when I ran out for Windsor Minis. I had to retire at 19 just after turning pro at Harlequins due to a serious leg injury.

But have still been involved in rugby working with both players and teams offering training/nutrition advice.

RIS Can you explain more about some of the research and development behind the solution, where the idea came from and the success you hope to achieve/have achieved?

JB I took an interest in Genetics 5 years ago when 2 of my cousins died of Cystic Fibrosis. I’d been in the Health & Fitness industry for 11 years at the time, specializing in Elite nutrition. And felt a little lost not knowing how to help them? I was drawn to the new science of Epigenetics & Nutrigenomics… And how its impact will affect not just the sporting arena but the general public’s overall health and well being.

RIS Which other sports have you learnt from and found success in?

JB After I’d finished playing rugby I was at a bit of a loss as to where to Channel my energy and focus. I’d always enjoyed the gym & weights part of training and got bitten by the gym bug not long after. Getting into Bodybuilding & Powerlifting in a serious way, it taught me the importance of nutrition, and reading and adapting the body. This is how the synergy has happened, combining science & nutrition, so athletes can stay fitter for longer and overcome the stresses of their particular sport.

Sam Stanley

“I first came across James the owner of DNActiv in 2015. I was incredibly impressed with his selflessness and desire to help me improve. Through better understanding of my genetics, James has been able to help put together a plan tailored to my needs, which has really opened my eyes to the sorts of foods and drinks I should be consuming. This season has been my first of 6 seasons as a professional rugby player that I’ve not been injured for a long period of time which coincidently happens to have been the year James has helped me put a plan together. I would highly recommend working with James if you’re looking to improve your diet.”

– Sam Stanley, England 7’s

James will be speaking at the Rugby Innovation Summit. Click HERE to register your place.

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