Leading NBA Performance Coach Reveals How To Maximise Speed & Quickness

Taking lessons from other sports and understanding how to transfer and apply this learning is essential to the further development of rugby players and teams.

In any sport, speed is a commodity and a critical point of difference. It is an area where no matter the player or their position a 2% gain can be the critical difference between individual and team success or failure.

The Rugby Innovation Summit is delighted to announce Bill Burgos, Head of Strength & Conditioning at the Orlando Magic as one of our Keynote speakers. Bill, also the President of the National Basketball Strength & Conditioning Association, will break down the processes used to maximise speed in The NBA and how this transfers to rugby across all positions, ages and levels of ability.


Examining The Relationship Between Horizontal Force And Accelerative Forces To Determine The Most Appropriate Load For Specific Sprinting Abilities

Outlining the importance of horizontal force in building finely tuned athletes with optimal change of direction and straight line speed
Exploring how the NBA have used video and tracking technologies to accurately measure and test force output to determine appropriate loading
Understanding role specific speed and power requirements to determine appropriate training load to maximise sprint requirements
12.10 Question & Answer Session

Bill Burgos, Head of Strength & Conditioning, Orlando Magic


Drawing expertise and innovation from the world of sport The Rugby Innovation Summit provides expertise from the NBA, Rugby League, Football, Gaelic Football and of course Rugby Union. With a global audience, the leaders in coaching, sport science and medicine and a combination of theory, practical demonstrations and live game play the summit is genuinely the only event of its kind.

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