'The Socialisation Approach’ – FC Barcelona

A constant theme throughout the Football Innovation Summit is looking closely at how clubs use and apply technology to achieve greater on-field success. A leading figure in this conversation is Raul Pelaez, Director of Technology and Knowledge Management at FC Barcelona.

Raul will be speaking on Day 1 of the Summit.

Understanding The 'Socialisation Approach' : How FC Barcelona Use Culture And Knowledge Management In Data Application To Improve Performance And Create A Smooth Transition Between Academy And First Team Football

We were fortunate to speak with Raul last week and hear some of his thoughts ahead of the Summit this March.

What is the 'Socialisation Approach' and how is it applied in developing talent from La Masia into the Barcelona 1st VI?
RP - This concept is related about the way that we have to transfer our knowledge, our feelings and our way of understanding collective sports, from coaches to players, players to players, players to coaches, coaches to medicals staff, etc.
We try to create an ecosystem where knowledge flows and is shared.
How much importance do Barcelona place on culture and creating a DNA and smooth pathway to senior football?
RP - Culture is the way people understand a way to live and to feel. Our fans have a sports culture in which winning is not everything. It is very important the way it is won, so the most important thing is to be faithful to our model and from there to win everything possible. FC Barcelona fans would not understand winning just by winning.
To what extent do Barcelona apply technology and follow data in their coaching methodology?
RP - We are very respectful of the values of the sport and try to be non-invasive. The most important thing in football for us is the ball and the players.
We are using technology to understand the game, to try to learn from our players, and then everything we learn to use it to improve our play model.
What is the process of transferring individual talent into collective intelligence?
RP - The process goes through a change of mentality oriented to share, collaborate, co-create, add value, ... It is also supported by knowledge management structures like as our platform called COR.

What are you looking forward to and hoping to learn at the Football Innovation Summit?
RP - I am an open-minded person, and I always try to learn from everyone. The world is full of opportunities and ideas; you just need to be heedful to them and be brave to apply them. A forum of people of the sport is a potential ecosystem of knowledge. Everything is yet to be done!

The Football Innovation Summit takes place at Wembley Stadium on 22/23 March. Raul will be speaking in addition to 30+ leading figures from the world of football and sport. Click here to register your place.

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