Augmented Reality to Unleash Huge Commercial Returns in Global Sports Advertising & Sponsorship Market

The global sports market is huge. It is set to break $100 billion in 2017 and is showing no sign of abating.

It doesn’t require Aristotelian levels of wisdom or insight to understand why advertisers, sponsors, broadcasters and marketers continue to invest such incredible levels of capital and time into the sports sector.

As the market continues to grow and more and more players enter the fray, content owners are looking at influential means to stride ahead in this huge and fast growing global market – the ability to demonstrate tangible ROI and an actively engaged audience to sponsors is critical in determining winners from losers.
According to IEG, sports will account for 70% of North American Sponsorship Spending, a projected $16.37 billion spend this year.

When Pokémon Go became the fastest ever game to reach $600 million in revenue last year it’s success cemented the strong consumer adoption rates for new technology, and critically the commercial potential for Augmented Reality.

One thing is for certain – the commercial blue touch paper has been lit...

Goldman Sachs predict the Immersive Tech market will hit $80 billion in 2025. Digi Capital are bolder and believe the AR/VR market will hit $150 billion in revenue by 2020.

Augmented reality has the power to personalize the marketing and sales experience in a profoundly impactful way – it directly involves the customer in the process of learning about the value of these products and solutions. As a consequence, the customer retains more critical knowledge because they are engaged in sensory, intellectual, and emotional interactions.

Augmented Reality has the unique ability to engage audiences in real-time whilst adding to the overall fan experience. This works on both a B2C and B2B level with direct points of sale and brand marketing available through multiple experiences off-set against the perfect narrative of live sport.

When we use innovative marketing platforms to connect with prospects and customers on an emotional level, we transcend the traditional marketing and sales relationships and cultivate customers that are enthusiastic about what the solutions will do for them. Sport is the ready-made vehicle with a globally engaged audience. We are seeing several examples emerging already with the likes of SEEK, FanBoard and MVP Interactive using Augmented Reality in intelligent and smart scenarios that elevate the sports experience whilst facilitating emotional connections and unlocking commercial potential.

There are only 25 nations on the planet with a forecasted GDP that is greater than the global sports market. Sport has a global audience which will only continue to grow as the world becomes increasingly hyper-connected through technology. Augmented and Virtual Reality will facilitate immersive experiences for marketers and revolutionize the entire customer lifecycle. There is no greater accomplishment in marketing and no better industry. The time is now.

The World Virtual/Augmented Sports Innovation Summit held in San Francisco on November 15-16 is the intersection of sport and technology and brings together the leaders from across the entire sporting ecosystem. With the very latest in immersive technology being showcased alongside the leading commercial, marketing and performance strategy from the global sports industry it is the decisive event for the sports performance and entertainment industries.

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