Why Elite Performance is Driving the Biggest Show on Earth

Criticised in some parts for being too much of a lean towards the Circus nature of Show Business does a major disservice to the incredible preparation, technology and facilities being used by Conor McGregor at the UFC’s new Elite Performance Centre – just a few miles away from the famous Las Vegas strip.

UFC is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and is continually at the forefront of innovation in both the athlete performance and fan engagement disciplines. It is a credit to the sport that in such a short space of time they have one of their prize fighters about to compete against one of the greatest boxers in history in what is set to be the highest grossing fight in history.

The $14million development, based on the blue prints of Manchester City’s own high performance centre is available for all fighters under the UFC banner at no cost.

Putting athlete development, rehabilitation and welfare first, the UFC are intelligently using the Performance Centre as a step to ensuring they continue to create and look after some of the very most complete athletes on the planet.

We are delighted to have Duncan French, Vice President of Performance speaking on how they are using data to train for elite performance at our Sport Performance and Fan Engagement Summit in San Francisco on January 30-31, 2018www.sports-performance-fan-engagement.com

Using Data To Train For A Mix Of Speed And Power

• Examining the different tech used by fighters during training  (eg. altitude mask, Titin weighted compression gear)
• Using coaching software, such as iPunch, to track speed, accuracy and power through embedded sensors.  
Duncan French, VP, Performance, UFC

What is for certain, regardless of the result come Saturday evening, the UFC have helped to create a mightily impressive athlete, and he is not the only one.

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