Google Discuss How Virtual & Augmented Reality Will Shape the Future of Sports

More and more people are realising that sport is fast becoming the leading driver for immersive technology (Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality).

It presents a natural and continual narrative, a commercial need to attract and engage fans and an elite performance melting pot where 1% performance gains can have immense ramifications.
There are only 25 nations on the planet with a forecasted GDP greater than the global sports market. Goldman Sachs predicts the Immersive Tech market will hit $80 billion in 2025. Digi Capital are bolder and believe the AR/VR market will hit $150 billion in revenue by 2020. The relationship between immersive technology and sports is increasingly apparent and is why all the leading technology players are entering this space.

In just two weeks time Google will be talking on this exact topic at the World Virtual & Augmented Sports Innovation Summit (November 15-16).

“How Do We Connect Immersive Technologies To Shape The Future Of The Sports Landscape”

Aaron Luber, AR/VR Content Partnerships, Google

The Summit has a truly outstanding faculty comprised of the leading executives in elite sport, global technology giants and some of the most innovative tech start-ups in the sports arena!

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