Turner Sports and Intel Combine To Make VR a Reality for the NBA

A broadcast giant, a technology powerhouse and one of the biggest sports leagues on the planet walk into a bar...

Virtual Reality is no longer a whimsical pipe dream or punch-line to some poorly disguised joke. It is an actual reality and it is time to sit up and start taking notice

Sport is continuing to lead the way and thanks to a groundbreaking partnership between Turner Sports and Intel, NBA fans will be able to watch TNTís marquee matchups like never before, beginning with the 2018 NBA All-Star Game.

This is multiyear partnership and makes Intel the exclusive provider of virtual reality for the NBA on TNT, using Intel True VR cameras to capture live game footage from multiple angles in order to allow fans to view the game from different locations throughout the arena.

The technology has reached a level now where it isnít just the evangelists buying a ticket but itís being driven by both broadcast and elite sport.

The USP?

ďMany fans would never be able to experience sitting courtside at an NBA game. But with this new technology, everyday fans can experience the game like the celebrities sitting courtside with their feet in the hardwood. Fans can choose to view the game from high in the stands to get a birdís eye view of the action or take the viewpoint of the photographers sitting on the baseline with the players coming right at them.Ē

Critically though, this new partnership will reach fans in 215 countries and territories, and it enables them to experience the game like never before. The global outreach is now tangible, and the potential is huge.

... We are delighted to have Tom Sahara, Vice President Operations & Technology at Turner Sports joining us at the World Virtual & Augmented Reality Sports Innovation Summit in San Francisco next week (Nov 15-16) and talking about what happens next as Virtual Reality moves to the next level.

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