San Francisco 49ers Create New Sponsorship Opportunities Using Augmented Reality

The vast potential of AR in diminishing the space between real and digital worlds in creating hyper engaged audience is fast being realised.


The San Francisco 49ers were looking to build a new type of sponsorship by leveraging augmented reality.  They created 4 different souvenir cups featuring different themes; Hall of Fame players, military appreciation and team legacy.  They partnered with Zappar to turn each of the 4 cups into it’s own AR fan experience which was activated from within the 49ers app thereby driving additional downloads and dwell time within their app. This package was then sold to AmPm as a season long package.  

These types of projects really excite us as you can’t help but feel it’s the tip of the ice-berg. Great AR activations, in particular that focus on a strong content theme as with the 49ers will always increase engagement and dwell time. These are the new metrics for marketers, and as such we predict a transition where these become ‘need to have’ not ‘nice to have’ – and Augmented Reality is a necessary vehicle for success. Kudos to the team at Zappar for creating a great product and driving the industry forward.

Visit Zappar at the World Virtual & Augmented Reality Sports Innovation Summit in San Francisco next week (Nov 15-16)

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