Sport Leaders Join Tech Disrupters As SF Summit Reaches Capacity

The Sports Performance Data & Fan Engagement Summit taking place in San Francisco is now just over a month away and has unprecedented interest from some of the most disruptive and innovative tech companies from the US West Coast.

Content is king, but so is balance - and we have gone to great lengths to balance the leaders from sports leagues, teams and broadcasters globally with some of the innovative companies driving the industry forward.

We have been incredibly diligent in the structure, format and attendees for the Summit.

2 main conference tracks
40+ hours of content
180 Speakers
600 attendees (80% Director & Above)
1-1 Networking Meetings
Intimate Exhibition Space with just 15 of the most innovative tech disrupters across the sports ecosystem

We are fast approaching capacity for SF but if you would like to attend or learn more visit the event website