Amazon, HBO, ITV & EA Sports Joined Advisory Board & Faculty As ‘Immersive Technology In Sports & Entertainment Summit’ Comes To London. April 18-19 – SAVE THE DATE

Following the huge success of our World Virtual & Augmented Reality Sports Innovation Summit in San Francisco in November ’17 we are delighted to bring the Immersive Technology In Sports & Entertainment Summit to London on April 18-19 2018

The global entertainment and media market is set to break $2trillion and the global sports market alone will break $100billion by the end of 2017. Sports, Gaming and Entertainment present the biggest mediums for engagement in the key target demographics for leading consumer facing brands.

We are also witnessing a transition in how audiences consume content, from traditional broadcast to live content streamed over the web, and increasing numbers of OTT-related services bidding for sports and entertainment rights. The role of immersive technologies will have a huge influence over consumer choice and the evolution and commercialisation of OTT services.

The greatest issue for marketers, brand strategists and business development teams is the ability to consistently engage, and maintain engagement with key demographics, notably the 16-25 age group.
The Immersive Technology In Sports & Entertainment Summit is about how we make the entire physical world as connected and digitally interactive as the World Wide Web. It lies at the intersection between the digital and physical spaces and is the platform for further engagement and reach.

As we witness the rise and question the relevance of the ‘Experience Economy’ the real world web is the business critical link between customer experience and real value for marketers.

This is the combination of Immersive Reality, Brand Interaction and the Internet of Things – it defines how we target, follow, track and engage with existing and target audiences to optimise new and current campaigns.

The Immersive Technology In Sports & Entertainment Summit is about how we realise and define the future and business cases for broadcast, brand marketing strategy and ROI across the sports and entertainment industries.

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