Electrifying! The Giants & US Olympic Ski Team Use New Neuroscience Tech To Boost Performance.

Neuro-stimulator headphones revolutionize brain learning and maximise performance...

From MLB players to Olympians, a new piece of sports performance technology is spreading like wildfire: Halo Sport. Don’t be fooled by its appearance — this pair of headphones does a lot more than play music... Halo Sport is actually a neuro-stimulator that accelerates improvements in skill, strength, and endurance when paired with training. It uses electricity to stimulate the part of the brain that controls movement, strengthening neural pathways from the brain to the muscles.

Both the Giants and the US Ski Team tested Halo Sport in placebo-controlled studies. Curious about the results? You can find all the Halo Neuroscience case studies (www.haloneuro.com/case-studies For now, we’ll just say there’s a reason elite athletes, musicians, surgeons, and even the US military have integrated Halo Sport into their training.

Halo Sport will be at the Sports Performance & Fan Engagement Summit in San Francisco on January 30-31. Visit www.sports-performance-fan-engagement.com