Major League Soccer Join eSports Giants Activision Blizzard, ESL Gaming & KSV At Sports Performance & Fan Engagement Summit

As the news breaks that the MLS has entered into partnership with EA Sports to create the eMLS, a new competitive EA Sports FIFA 18 league we are delighted to welcome Christopher Schlosser, MLS SVP Digital to the Sports Performance and Fan Engagement Summit in San Francisco in two weeks time Jan 30-31.

The eMLS will feature the best FIFA 18 players from the US and Canada vying for a chance to become world champions. They are following the recent announcement of the NBA 2K League and with the Mclaren ‘World’s Fastest Gamer’ the gap between traditional and ‘e’ Sports is becoming increasingly narrow

We are incredibly excited to hear from Christopher and also our “eSports Meets Mainstream”

Bryan Healy, Chief Strategy Officer, Gfinity
Pavel Murnikov, VP Technology/CTO, Activision Blizzard Media Networks/MLG
Nik Adams, SVP Global Media Rights & Distribution, ESL Gaming
Kent Wakeford, Co-Founder, COO, KSV eSports
Richard Amos, CTO & SVP Technology, Ostmodern

With just two weeks to go until the Summit we are now have over 500 attendees and are fast approaching capacity.

If you would like to attend please register here –