Every Angle Matters - How sports content is being produced is changing, benefitting both coaches and fans

At its Media Day this year, Clemson University’s top-ranked football team demonstrated a superior solution to typical social media livestreaming. The media team coupled existing professional video camera equipment with a SlingStudio to deliver a broadcast quality multi-camera stream of engaging player interviews to fans via Facebook.

Normally when even a top-ranked athletics program like Clemson University wants to live stream a non-game-day event, the options are limited and the standard go-to is to use a mobile phone, delivering dull single-camera views; not up to the high standards of this nationally broadcast team. However, with the SlingStudio’s portable and wireless multi-camera capabilities, Clemson’s video crew put together a broadcast that would make you think a production truck was involved.

Typically, this scenario would require at least a couple hours of set up time and hundreds of feet of cable to be run back and forth across the training facility or the switching between player interviews being done in post production, delaying any sense of real-time fan engagement. With SlingStudio, this was all done on the fly with a Facebook stream reaching hundreds of dedicated fans live and over 10,000+ to date.

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