NASCAR Focus on Building the Digital Brands of their Drivers

Like all leading sports rights holders globally, NASCAR is working hard to find a more effective way to create and deliver digital content to its consumers.

The power of social media influencers has accelerated beyond belief over the past through years with the likes of Snap and Instagram bringing access to the inner lives and thoughts of leading athletes.
Athletes have become their own media brands by leveraging their massive social followings to create content on any of the numerous platforms out there.

To help leverage the collective power of all their drivers, and to do so through under the NASCAR umbrella, they have teamed up with VaynerMedia to provide the tools to help grow their audience, engage their following and ultimately commercialise these channels.

In addition to this, NASCAR have grouped together and streamlined their teams for social, video production, advertising and entertaining marketing efforts. The requirement today is not just to generate content but the ability to manage all conversations and determine their influence and impact.