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“We’re living in The Jetsons’ age and about to push past it”

World Virtual/Augmented Sports Innovation Summit we caught up with Advisory Board member and Sports Brand & Marketing Guru Matthew O’Neil.

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Fan Experience: Immersive & Measurable

As part of the continual dialogue both in the lead up to the World Virtual/Augmented Sports Innovation Summit and thereafter we are speaking with some of the most influential and disruptive players in the sports and technology space. ...

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Sports Leads The Way For Immersive Technology

Virtual / Augmented / Mixed Reality has been on the tip of the tongue for tech evangelists for what seems an age, but it is only in the past 12-18 months that the blue touch paper has been dangled in front of the flame, and Sport is leading the way.

Elite sport is the greatest and most natural creator of content, the p ...

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Press Release: World Virtual & Augmented Reality Sports Innovation Summit 2017

2017 is shaping up to be the breakthrough year for Immersive Technology and Sport. With an expected market potential in excess of $100 Billion by 2020, the opportunities for growth are enormous.
The World Virtual & Augmented Reality Sports Innovation Summit 2017 takes place in San Francisco on November 15-16 and bri ...

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Elite Sport Nutritionist Ben Coomber Discusses Elite Performance Ahead Of The Rugby Innovation Summit

The 2nd Annual Rugby Innovation Summit 2017 now less than a month away (May 3/4th) we caught up with performance nutritionist Ben Coomber who we are delighted to announce will be presenting at the event. Ben runs Body Type Nutrition, an online nutrition coaching company that also runs a multi-level, online nutrition coachi ...

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The Connected Athlete: The Role Data Science Plays In Athlete Management

The role of technology in elite sports performance continues to grow exponentially. Wearable tech, immersive reality, and video replay are just a few examples where technology is taking an increasingly dominant role in what is an incredibly exciting time for the entire elite sporting ecosystem.

Intel have recently invested ...

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Jan Van Loon, Arsenal’s Head of Individual Player Development Interview

1) How is performance profiling being used to determine a player's 'coach-ability'?

“Hi Bobby, what would you like to become in the future?”

“A Professional football player Sir,” says Bobby.

“Do you want to become Sanchez or Ozil?”

“Just Bobby Sir,” says Bobby!!

People change constantly whether or not they ...

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Do English Clubs ‘Fail to Prepare Their Young Players’?

Do English Clubs ‘Fail to Prepare Their Young Players’?

Pep Guardiola’s comment last Friday that the Premier League Clubs should introduce ‘B’ teams, irrelevant of City’s recent poor run of form, was in fact incredibly thought-provoking. ...

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'The Socialisation Approach’ – FC Barcelona

A constant theme throughout the Football Innovation Summit is looking closely at how clubs use and apply technology to achieve greater on-field success. A leading figure in this conversation is Raul Pelaez, Director of Technology and Knowledge Management at FC Barcelona.
Raul will be speaking on Day 1 of the Summit.
Understand ...

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Rugby Concussions Increase by 59% – Bigger Hits or Greater Awareness?

As rugby takes priority on our TV screens for the next few weeks (thank you RWC2015) I thought it important to reference the fascinating programme earlier this week on BBC Panorama focussing on rugby concussion led by the brilliant John Beattie.

The one statistic that has stuck with me since is the RFU figure that concussion ...

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“If we have children, there’s no chance they’re playing rugby…!"

The debate this week around the much publicised petition to ban tackling in schools rugby has been fascinating.

There has been an overwhelming response from the rugby and non-rugby community largely declaring the notion as ridiculous. As a former player with huge passion for the game I am a vociferous member of the ‘Don’t Ban ...

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The Evolution Of The Football Agent

The Evolution Of The Football Agent
As part of the Football Innovation Summit we look closely at the relationship between Agents, Clubs and the importance of positive relations to ensure effective pathways and careers for their Players.

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Leading NBA Performance Coach Reveals How To Maximise Speed & Quickness

Taking lessons from other sports and understanding how to transfer and apply this learning is essential to the further development of rugby players and teams.

In any sport, speed is a commodity and a critical point of difference. It is an area where no matter the player or their position a 2% gain can be the critical differen ...

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A week in the life of a Sale Sharks academy player, Part One

Charlie Pozniak is a 17 year old currently playing lock for Sale Sharks U18 in the Premiership Academy League. He is in Year 12 and studying four A-Levels at The Manchester Grammar School: Russian, History, Politics, and RS.


Outmuscled, outplayed, outclassed. We’ve just lost to Leicester, and playing against a Tuila ...

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Rugby On The Verge Of Technology Gold Rush

With close to 20 million people expected to watch the Rugby World Cup final later this year, rugby is beginning to attract a global appeal few may have thought possible back in 1987 at the first world cup in New Zealand.

Add into the mix that Rugby 7s is now an Olympic sport with the subsequent mass investment and funding fro ...

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Numbers Never Lie…

Rugby is constantly evolving and teams are always looking for a way to improve. One of those ways has been with the advent of technology in modern rugby, we have seen an explosion in Statistics, Analytics and Performance Measurement at the domestic level. Teams are embracing the fact that Statistics can help them assess their ow ...

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Genetic Testing Changes The Landscape For Sports Nutrition

At Game Changer Sports we are constantly on the look out for the most innovative and creative solutions to improve performance and reduce injury. We were absolutely delighted to be introduced to former rugby player James Brown, now the CEO and Founder of DNActiv.


Nutrition is widely accepted as the fundamental buil ...

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Redesigning Rugby Union Attack – Canterbury Crusaders

In 1969, Neil Armstrong captivated the world with his first steps onto the moon. For years we were enthralled by Apollo missions, successful or not. We developed a method of guaranteeing success and the innovations and explorative ideas became less and less. The Space programme was simply about perfecting what worked before not ...

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A week in the life of a Sale Sharks academy player, Part Two

In this follow-on from Charlie Pozniak’s diary of a typical week as a Manchester Grammar School pupil and a Sale Sharks U18 player, Mark Bennett – head of performance at Bristol – offers some advice on what the young back-five forward can improve upon.

Sunday – match

If Charlie is truly 10kg lighter than others playing in ...

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Injury Screening or Risk Management? – Marrying Data With Experience

Screening – Who’s responsibility is it??

This is a brief overview of musculoskeletal screening from the perspective of a first team physiotherapist working in the real world of professional football at League 2 where resources are limited. This is certainly not an in depth academic review. Instead, the aim is to stimulate deb ...

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Making Sense & Applying Data In Rugby

Data has become increasingly prevalent in rugby, with new technology exploding into the game over the past few seasons.

Tech innovation has provided the ability to record more data presenting incredible opportunities for statistical analysis, game strategy and player monitoring, in particular with regard to training loads and ...

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Maximising Athletic Ability Through Analysis

Previously I spoke about how numbers can lie. This article received a great response and a lot of questions about how to go about choosing the metrics and then recording them.

When starting to think about your teams performance analysis, there are a number of factors to consider. What type of metrics are most beneficial to yo ...

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